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Wes has hunted fossils on the North Sulphur River for several years.  We never dreamed that one day that passion would become part of a business that would be married to a jewelry store.  At that time, being a jeweler could not be seen on my horizon.  I just knew that he loved being at the river and always got a thrill when he was able to uncover fossils.  He has had the opportunity to excavate dinosaur fossils all over the west part of the United States with paleontologist known the world over.

When the opportunity arose to buy the rock shop I immediately knew it would benefit our business.  Mr. Hampton had his reservations at first.   I had to talk him into taking classes to learn to use the equipment properly.  He was surprised at how much he truly enjoyed bringing out the beauty in the stones. His personality has always been one wanting to do things with excellence so I knew that if I could get him to take faceting classes that the results would be awesome.  I was right! He facets beautifully. He is one of the few faceters in N.E. Texas.

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