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I attended Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology in Paris, Texas. I received 6 different certifications in Jewelry, Gemology, and Lost Wax Casting. Each semester we were tested through the semester and then at the end of the semester. It was the job of the school to make sure that we thoroughly understood what we were doing in class each day. There were no short cuts and no easy way of doing things. We learned to fabricate first so that when we got to repair, we understood how to repair or rebuild any broken piece that we received. Each piece that we cast was given high scrutiny so that we would always aim to go beyond today’s jewelry standards. We were taught to have a critical eye and to judge our work hard so that  when we got into the “real world” we would succeed. They set us up for success and when we were ready, released us to fly! On occasion I will still refer back to one of my instructors for input. I am thankful the door is still open and I am thankful for the time I invested there for my future.


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