My love of vintage beads, baubles and beautiful jewelry started at a very early age. Think mid 1960s and “The Beverly Hillbillies”.

grandmajones2The Beverly Hillbillies lived in California as did my great grandmother. Both families were originally from the Ozarks. In my little 5 year old mind, I was certain they knew each other before they moved to California. I was also sure that my grandmother lived in the same neighborhood as the Clampetts. It made perfect sense to me!

When my great grandmother would visit, I always admired her baubles. As I remember it, she wore them every day. Since she knew the Beverly Hillbillies and lived in the same neighborhood, I knew she was rich. All the jewelry she wore were genuine diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. After all, they always sparkled so beautifully.

vj_092911My grandmother now has just a few pieces of my great grandmother’s jewelry. I ask to see them every time I visit. Truly, they are all rhinestone and not worth much to anyone other than family. Seeing them always brings a smile to my face & a hug to my heart.

Vintage jewelry will always be a part of Hampton House Jewelry. It is like having a part of my great grandmother with me & that is something I will forever treasure.

We find great joy in doing repair, restoration and repurposing of vintage jewelry of all types from fashion to fine jewelry.

We do appraisals on Vintage Fine Jewelry.

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