Perfectly Pink!

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I have to say that this is one of my favorite ring stories! When my customer came in about 6 months or so ago, he was just beginning to be in the engagement ring shopping phase of his life. I could tell that he had thought about what he was doing but was not quite sure on which stones he wanted to use. He left assuring me, that he would be back when he had made his decision.

When he returned his mind was set. He wanted natural pink sapphires! Woot! I was happy, I love pink! I know this ring has nothing to do with what I like and everything to do with what he wanted. They both just happened to be the same thing. Pink sapphire is one of my favorite stones. Especially this color. The rich color is natural. It was not heat treated as most sapphires are. These pictures look like there is a hint of purple in it, but truly this is a beautiful beautiful 1 carat pink precious gemstone. The side stones are white diamonds of high quality. We searched and searched for a center stone this size and this color. Finally this one became available! We had to wait to get matching smaller stones. Our patience won out and the intensity in the smaller sapphires is the same as the larger one.

When he left the shop I was so excited because he was pleased with the rings. I did not know how long he would have the ring before popping the question! I was excited for him.

A few weeks later, He surprised her!


She loved it, She loves him! and She said,”Yes!”

Congratulations you two!!
May God bless your union.
May you be as happy as your heart has always dreamed it would be!

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