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I have started this morning with a piece that I have spent time designing. My daughter Haleigh and her graphic skills helped immensely. One of my favorite DFW area customers asked me to design a cross and work her initials into it. I am honored that she chose me to make this piece for her. She has crossed a bridge in having this made. This is the story of that cross.
Making the commitment, cutting the metal.
2014-10-22 09.20.11
Preparing the metal and the pattern for application.
2014-10-22 09.22.14
Applying the pattern to the metal.
2014-10-22 09.30.08
Cleaning off the excess paper from the metal.The black is what will not etch away.
2014-10-22 09.36.52
Now the scientific part of the equation. I have no true understanding how it all works scientifically, I am just glad it does!
2014-10-22 09.56.06
Etching is complete!2014-10-22 11.47.43
Beginning the initial cut.
2014-10-22 12.10.00
Initial cut complete
2014-10-22 12.39.59 (1)
Refining the cut.
2014-10-23 09.55.01
Filing the cuts.
2014-10-23 10.04.54
A little more TLC.
2014-10-23 15.05.55
Soldering the hidden bail.2014-10-24 12.09.13
2014-10-25 14.49.55-1

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