5 Real Girl Engagement Rings That Are So Pretty, You Might Print One Out and Tape It to Your Finger

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Hi! I’m back from Florida, which was experiencing a cold snap and record-low temperatures for the duration of our visit. (Boo.) To cheer myself up, I immediately started browsing my inbox for ultra-pretty engagement rings. And boy did I find ’em!

Engagement Ring 1

Jennifer’s husband upgraded her engagement ring after eight years of marriage. {Nice work, Dustin! }

Engagement Ring 2

Delea and her boyfriend drove 15 hours in bad weather to celebrate Christmas with their families. When the got to her parents’ house, there was an eight-food sign asking, “Will You Marry Me?” in Christmas lights in the back yard! (He and her parents had been planning since June!)

Engagement Ring 3

Sandra’s engagement ring is extra-special: It’s the ring her dad proposed to her mom with!

Engagement Ring 4

Jacqueline’s sister helped her boyfriend design this ring! “I couldn’t be happier,” she says!

Engagement Ring 5

Danielle’s boyfriend custom-designed her “absolutely timeless” ring so she got exactly what she wanted!

Which of these engagement rings is your favorite?

If you’d like to share a photo of your ring on Save the Date, you can click here to submit it with the contact form. Or you can e-mail a photo to glamour[dot]weddings[dot]girls[at]gmail[dot]com. I try to run reader engagement ring posts often, so take your time and send a big-ish, non-blurry photo! (Please DON’T send an Instagram photo or add text or special effects!) And if you’ve already sent a pic, sit tight—it’s coming!

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